4 Steps For Your DIY Garage Door Replacement Panels Services

Garage doors are exposed to dust and dirt thus need a lot of repairing work. It’s one of the parts that is carelessly used in almost all of the houses. The misuse of garage doors can be one of the reasons why you need technicians so often. No matter how easy or tough the task is, the professional will charge you more as they have set some fixed rates for their basic services. The garage doors have many small parts that may wear out any time. So, you cannot say that you can get rid of the garage door repairing anytime. This thing goes for as long as you have the garage doors and they are being used.

The garage door parts include nuts, bolts, screws, panels and more. The parts get rotten over the period of time no matter how careful you are. The weather conditions in Wayne, West Chester, and Phoenix City have a great impact on them as well. However, to reduce the cost of repairing, you can go for DIY only if you are good with the tools. That is why we are sharing this article to guide you in the steps for garage door replacement panels.

Step# 1 – Finding The Right Panels

Before you began repairing, it is necessary to ensure the model of your garage door as well as the spare parts that need replacement. Once you have found the manufacturer of your garage door, you can contact them and ask them for the spare parts they have used. In case you did not find the manufacturer helpful, you can call other emergency garage door repair companies that sell the same garage door. They might help you or have the panels you are looking for. Our garage door company is one of those that can help you with every garage door need. Reach us for your garage doors.

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Step# 2 – Removing The Panels

Now you have found the garage door panels that you needed but before you began the repairing work, make sure that you have unplugged the doors if you have the automatic ones. Once done with switching off the doors, open the doors manually and remove the strings. This step is for the precautionary measure as the garage doors are heavy and springs are holding all the weight. They might be opened while you are working and causing you severe injuries. This action is so sudden that you cannot escape. That is why it is better to be on the safe side.

Garage door panels are usually joined with each other and have rollers on the side that run into track allowing the door to move up and down. If the rollers are in their best condition, do not go for garage door roller replacement. Remove the panels one by one. Be careful with the bolts and nuts as they are used to attach the panels. Loose the bolts and lift the panel up until it comes off and set it aside. Do the same with other panels as well.

Step# 3 – Replace The Panel

Once you have taken out the panel you do not need, replace it with the new one. Reattach the panels you have taken out. This process needs most of your attention as its time to fix everything back. Tighten up the bolts and nuts carefully so that you do not have to face any trouble in near future. Test the garage door.

Step# 4 – Finishing

The new panel you added in your garage door is probably different in color as compared to the other panels. You can repaint the garage door to match the look.

In case you find the steps difficult, call our garage door experts. Let them handle the job for you.

The Most Common Causes of Garage Doors Damage

Do you ever think about what would happen if Garage Door stopped working? Do you have a backup plan? What would be the first thing you would do?

We all have garages and we have largely taken Garage Doors for granted. It’s a very convenient practice that you open or closes your garage door by just pushing a button. But things don’t always go this smooth.  Our garage doors have a very simple life, open, close, open, close when suddenly they stop one day and that’s the point where you need to get them repaired or replaced. You can get Emergency garage door repair in Wayne at affordable rates.Some of the most common causes of garage door damage are;

Springs Break

Spring break does break. They break as a function of their usage. They all do break. The more the garage door is used, they sooner these springs wear off. The springs that generally come with the garage doors are standard springs. You do have the option to upgrade those springs though. These springs last longer than the other ones due to better durability and bigger size. However, you need to choose the right one with the right amount of strength to complement the garage door.

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Cables Break

The lifting cables are also known as wire rope. These cables are categorized as aircraft quality but still tend to get fray and get brittle over time. When these cables start to wear and tear, they may begin to unwind and can also snap. It is best advised to replace these cables as soon as they start showing the signs of damage. The ideal way is to always replace them as pairs.

Rollers Wear Out

Most rollers that come intact with the purchase of your new Garage Doors are horrible in quality. It is advised to upgrade them to a premium roller. This makes sure that the door runs smoothly for years ahead. Good quality rollers will be less dragged as the operator pulls the door up and down. A smooth running Garage Door will last longer because it is not fighting and pushing itself unnecessarily.

Garage Door Openers Wear Out

Garage door opener does a lot of work yet lasts really long. The new garage doors not usually require much maintenance. Over the years they may wear out and needs frequent inspections and repairs.

Hinges and Hardware Wear Out

Breaking hinges is not really common, but they just get noisy. That is the cue to give them some lubrication. The most common hardware items that tend to break are the bearings and sheaves. If these hinges are not kept lubricated they can cut through shafts and cables due to the metal on metal continuous contact. With regular inspection, they will perform for years and years. You can get reliable Residential garage door repair in Wayne.

Don’t spend time worrying about what might go off beam with your Garage Door. Let the professionals do the job. The key is to look for the professional workers. You can easily hire and opt for Commercial garage door repair in Wayne.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Garage Door Service!

Garage doors are an essential part of the homes. Most of the homeowners tend to take these several hundred-pounds heavy mechanisms. That is not the worst thing though by far, the biggest mistake that homeowners make is attempting DIY garage door repair or maintenance without having any prior experience of handling garage doors. The result is injured homeowners being rushed to hospital or garage door becoming damaged beyond repair or garage door malfunctioning and damaging the car or property.

We all know what drives the homeowners to take the DIY approach when you are talking about residential garage door repair; wrong assumption that they will be saving money and that they can tackle garage door because they have read a post on DIY garage door repair and seen an associated YouTube Video. Experts in the industry strongly advocate the importance of hiring professional garage door services to handle your garage door needs proficiently.

The benefits of hiring a professional garage door services to tackle your residential and commercial garage door repair are plenty. They include a guarantee on work, high-quality spare parts, and prompt services. What is alarming though is the fact that many homeowners have no idea how to search and shortlist garage door companies. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of fundamental tips that you can count on to find the right kind of garage door companies. Check it out below and let us know what you think of it;


Go Through Customer Reviews

You’d be surprised with the kind of information you can extract by simply going through customer reviews of a company. You will learn about pros and cons of the company and also find out about the quality of service that it is providing. Experts also suggest that you look closely to find out how the company tackles complaints against its services. You can also find out about how prompt the emergency garage door repair service of the company is and if the customers are satisfied with it.

Find Out About The Cost Of Hiring The Company

You should always demand detailed quotes from the company in writing. According to the lead experts in the industry, you should pay close attention to the estimator’s attitude during the estimation process. If the process feels rushed or if the estimator isn’t taking interest; don’t hire the company. Also, any company that doesn’t offer estimates in writing or gives out estimates over the phone shouldn’t be hired.

Check For Authentic Paper Work!

In order to safeguard yourself against fraudulent companies, you should always ask for copies of insurance, license, and other certifications that the company boasts of and once you have obtained these copies, have them cross-checked with relevant authorities to make sure that the company is legit and not a fraud.

Ask About Which Manufacturer’s Product Lines They Cater To!

This may seem a bit peculiar but according to experts it is always a good idea to hire garage door companies that can handle a variety of products from different manufacturers because this implies that their technicians are experienced and competent.

If you use the mentioned above tips, you are bound to find the right kind of garage door company. However, if you wish to save yourself from all this hassle; you can simply reach out to All About Garage Doors, INC. We have been serving the areas of Wayne, Phoenix city, and West Chester for over 15 years and is highly proficient in all kinds of garage door services. We will be more than happy to take care of your garage door needs.

3 Essential Tips to Remember When You Are Considering Garage Door Repairs

Most garage door repair projects are completed swiftly, and you need to make sure that you pay a lot of attention to the repairs. Most homeowners do not spend the necessary time to check the hinges daily and looking for cracks on the garage door surfaces. Usually, people rush through the garage door and never look for the issues in the garage door. The garage door problems should not be neglected as a faulty garage door can lead to fatal accidents. It is better to hire the professional residential and commercial garage door repair companies when you are looking for expert repair services in King of Prussia, Downingtown and Newtown Square.

Prevention is better than cure

Do not wait for repairs until your garage door is completely jammed. You will find different signs on when you need services of a garage door repair company. If you find out that the garage door is opening or closing slowly, this could be caused by the loose hinges. Garage doors are operated on a daily basis and with the daily wear and tear, the tracks and hinges can get rusty. This will make the garage door less durable and you might have to consider a garage door repair at that time. Clean the hinges and springs on a weekly basis to prevent unnecessary repairs.

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Get Garage Door Inspected Every Month

Wrong selection of material is one of the main reasons why you need a garage door repair. Most people do not see the need for garage door repairs. Regular inspections can help you identify the areas of concern before they turn into full-blown problems. All the minor issues in the garage doors can be identified with the help of garage door inspections. Garage doors are usually made from hardwood and metal and you need strong hinges to support the garage doors. The low-quality hinges will not be able to hold the weight of garage door while opening and closing. A sudden snap in the hinges will surely call for the emergency garage door repair. To avoid this, call a reputable garage door repair company to get your garage door inspected.

Maintenance ensures longevity

You need to make sure that you take good care of your garage door to ensure its longevity. Oiling the hinges and tracks occasionally will help you to increase the life of the garage door. Apart from this, making sure that the hardwood is polished once in a year will help to increase the beauty and durability of the garage door. This will also help in the efficient working of the garage door. These things might not seem much, but these will help you to reduce the visit of garage door repair companies.

The negligence in the maintenance of the garage door can lead to a stressful time. You need to make sure that you regularly service the garage door so that you can safeguard your family and property from the unwanted guests. Contact the affordable and reliable garage door companies to ensure the longevity of the garage door.

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