Why Winters Are Not Good For Your Garage Doors

Winters are not good for so many appliances and systems installed at your homes such as your HVAC systems, pipes, and especially your garage doors. You might be thinking how garage door is affected by the cold and there are many homeowners like you who have been neglecting their garage doors. Well, that is not a right approach for a homeowner and you need to pay the due attention to your doors.

In the cold weather, there are many things that either stop working or create problems. Below are listed some of the major garage door problems that need your attention and you need to call emergency garage door repair in King of Prussia.

Contracting Metal

We are well aware of the fact that the metal contracts. The garage doors have tracks that are typically made of metal that contracts in winter and your garage door stops working. To avoid such situation, you can take help from the garage door experts that will guide you how to avoid such situation during winters. Warming the garage door tracks and adjusting them properly is one of the ways to get rid of such problems.

Garage Door Repair Winter

Busted Springs

Another major garage door problem that occurs during the winter season is busted springs. The metal has properties which make it harder and easy to break in winters or cold weathers. Therefore, if your garage doors are older, replace them before winters. Such replacement can be a DIY project but why to take a risk when professionals are available. We are expert with years of experience in garage door replacement panels in King of Prussia. So, let our professionals help you in dealing with your garage door problems during the winter.

Frozen Door

Frozen doors are common problems with garage doors. The reason behind the frozen door could be busted springs. But in cold weather, you may face another issue preventing the door from opening – a frozen threshold. This often occurs when precipitation gets onto the garage door’s weather stripping and then freezes. The good news is that it’s an easy fix. Pour warm water on the frozen area until it is no longer frozen. And if the problem increases you can call the professionals and take their help.


Remote Issues

A few issues in winter arises because of the remote. One way of maintaining it is to replace the remote batteries which is not necessarily a cold weather issue. The other issue related to weather is the moisture develops on the battery which need through cleaning so that your remote starts working again.

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